70mai Air Compressor Wireless TP05

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  1. Special Function: Touch Screen
  2. Item Type: Pumps
  3. Voltage: DC 12V

Built-in Lithium-ion Battery & Long Battery Life

Equipped with two 2500mAh lithium-ion batteries, 70mai Air Compressor Wireless is able to inflate for 28 minutes continuously.

Five Inflation Modes

This device is equipped with 5 inflation modes. You can select the suitable mode depending on the objects to be inflated.

Air Pressure Presetting & Memorizing

Preset air pressure before the inflation and then the device will automatically stop inflating when reaching the preset value. The device will automatically memorize the preset pressure value for each inflation mode. Therefore it is not necessary to set the air pressure value again for the same infalation mode at the next inflation.

Portable & Convenient

With the small and simple design, it can be took and used anywhere you go.

Built-in LED Flashlight

Even at night, you can easily handle emergency with the LED flashlight.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

70mai Air Compressor Wirless can monitor the tire pressure in case of the incident caused by the low pressure situation.

3 Nozzle Adapters for Wide Compatibility

With three nozzle adapters, namely, air hose, presta valve connector and long air nozzle, it can be adapted to more objects.

Type-C&USB Charging Interface

With Type-C and USB Charging interce, 70mai Air Compressor Wireless can be easily charged via USB adapter, car charger and power bank.


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