Haylou GT7

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1. Bluetooth 5.2
2. 20 hours battery life
3. Compact charging case
4. Low latency mode
5. AI call noise cancellation
6. AAC audio codec
7. 3.9g light weight


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AAC audio codec

High-quality composite vibrating diaphragm coil and AAC audio codec recover more sound details and pro- vide you with an excellent audio experience.

Low-latency Game Mode

Dual-master communication ensures a stable connec-tion for every second. Double tap the left earbud toturn on ultra-low latency mode, and enjoy the sync ofaudio and video.

Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 Fast and Reliable

The new Bluetooth 5.2 chip integrates the advantages of efficient transmission, ultra-low power consumption, and smaller background noise, and refuses to disturb the delay.

Stereo and Mono Mode

Support dual-channel communication technology. Either earbud can be used alone as a Bluetooth head-set.

Ultra-long Battery Life

The earbuds can provide up to 5 hours of playtime for a single charge. With the assistance of a charging case, they can operate up to 20 hours.

Comfortable Fit

The earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit all ears perfectly. Choose from suitable eartips to get the per- fect sound.

Smart Touch Control

Answer/hang up call, skip track, and summon voice as-sistant etc. with simple taps on your earbuds.


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