IMILAB W12 Smart Watch

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1. 1.32 HD Screen
2. Blood Oxygen Monitor
3. Reminding Functions
4. Customizable Interface
5. Just to improve your experience




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IMILAB W12 Smart Watch

1.32 HD Screen

Experience your smartwatch like never before with IMILAB’s 1.32″ HD screen.
The super-thin fetish design makes it easy to see your notifications and stats.

Just to improve your experience

The watch case is formed in one piece, after more than ten CNC polishing,polishing, and wire drawing treatments. It is matched with a soft silicone strap to make the body high in hardness and scratch resistance, and the strap is durable.

Blood Oxygen Monitor

Long-term insufficient blood oxygen levels can cause a lot of damage, but the IMILAB W12 can prevent that.
The Blood Oxygen Monitor allows you to view your blood oxygen levels 24 hours a day.

13 Sport Modes

The IMILAB W12 offers advanced health monitoring with its 13 different Sports Modes.
Whether you’re swimming, cycling, or doing yoga, track your progress and set goals specific to you.

Customizable Interface

The IMILAB W12 lets you show some personality with your smartwatch through interchangeable watch faces.
Download new ones and swap them out whenever you want!

Super Long Battery Life

Go non-stop with a long-lasting battery.
W12 can work up to 7 days usage time or 30 days standby time after a full charge.

Reminding Functions

Incoming Calls, SMS, App Notifications.
No Reminders will Be Missed

IP68 Waterproof

Fully sealed construction ensures W12 waterproof IP68.
It can survive in daily hand washing, corrosion from daily chemical products or sweats, also ensure you carefree in the pool.




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