Mi Smart Band 7

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1. Vitality competition Friend PK
2. 100+ personalized dials
3. 50 meters waterproof
4. Offline payment
5. Magnetic charging
6. 15 days long battery life
7. On-screen display

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1.62″ AMOLED runway screen | 120 sport modes | Four professional motion algorithm analysis

Vitality competition Friend PK l Continuous blood oxygen detection throughout the day

100+ personalized dials l 50 meters waterproof l Offline payment
Magnetic charging l 15 days long battery life l On-screen display

Big screen , more eye-catching | 1.62″ AMOLED runway screen

The viewing area of the screen has increased by 25%, making it easier to watch the screen. Whether it’s watching the heart rate while

running or reading news on the commute, it’s a small matter of raising your hand. At the same time, the unique design of the runway

screen is still light and without a sense of weight, 326ppi high-definition display, and each picture is delicately presented.

Big vision , new layout

Customized Ul is completely refreshed

The large screen brings a new design language, more space, and a better viewing eperience. The reasonable layout makes the data display very

intuitive. The compact runway screen is still light and has no sense of weight.

The new scenery on the wrist

the freshness is constantly

100 + new watch faces

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 upgrades a new chip, the animation effect is smoother, and the personalized dynamic dial is cool and constantly changing.

It also supports custom dials, so that your favorites in the album can be seen when you raise your hand, and especially support

“AOD screen display”, bringing more new ways to play.

Super tacit understanding

you can grasp it at a glance

New Skill : On-screen Display

You don’t have to lift your wrist or click with your fingers, the screen on the wrist will report to you at any time, and the new skills of Xiaomi

Mi Band 7 will be displayed on the screen. You can get information such as time at a glance, and check the super tacit understanding at

any time. There are also a lot of custom-made screen patterns on the dials, which do not need to brighten the screen, and are also super bright.

Mars Super WallpaperLanding ” Xiaomi Mi Band 7

120 Sports Modes

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has fully upgraded 120 sports modes, covering almost all kinds of sports scenarios, from outdoor sports to gym

equipment, and even the upsurge of aerobics. It can not only record the duration of jumping exercises and calorie consumption, but

also analyze training through statistical heart rate analysis. effect, understand the efficiency of fat loss, and exercise more sense of


Professional data answer sportsdaily questions

Magnetic charging | 15 days long accompany

15 days typical use | 9 days  heavy use


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