Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro

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1. Updated LDS Navigation System
2. 3000Pa Powerful Suction
3. High-Frequency Sonic Vibration Mopping
4. Removable High-Capacity Dust Compartment & Water Tank
5. 16 Types Of Sensors
6. Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App Control

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Electrolyzed water, real sterilization

The sterilization rate of electrolyzed water is as high as 99%

Vibration is faster and cleaning is cleaner

Simulate manual cleaning

Binocular dual cores, efficient computing and smarter

3D TOF efficient obstacle avoidance, smoother cleaning

Al intelligently recognizes the scene, each has its own strategy for room cleaning

360° full-area scanning, extremely fast mapping

Mi Home APP intelligent remote control

Hurricane suction, sweeping cleanly

Dust box water tank, can be independent and combined

Clean your house easily




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