Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2

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1. Upgraded Visual Navigation 4.0
2. Remote Control via Mobile App
3. 2700Pa Super High Suction Power
4. Upgraded Pressurized Mopping
5. Full-coverage Hex Side Brush Design
6. Auto-recharge & Resume Cleaning
7. Up to 110 Minute Battery Life
8. 250ml Smart Electronically Controlled Water Tank



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High Frequency Vibration Mop

99.9% antibacterial mop, no odor

Laser recognition of obstacles

2800PA strong suction

WIFI smart control

10,000 vibrations per minute, powerfully clean floor stains

High-frequency sound waves vibrate the mop, easily clean coffee, juice, jam and other stains.

Compared with ordinary robot vacuum cleaners,The mop of MIJIA Robot Vacuum-Mop2 vibrates at a higher frequency, and the mop vibrates as a whole with a larger area.

99.9% Antibacterial Mop

Using ultra-fiber antibacterial materials,

Reduce the increase of bacteria, no odor, and protect the health of you and your family.

Microfiber mop, The water tank is evenly moistened

Does not leave water marks and does not damage the floor.

Simulate the human body mopping path

Wipe the left and right directions repeatedly, Easily clean floor stains.

2800PA Large Suction Power

Three sweep and drag modes, four suction modes, automatic adjustment,

No dust.

The latest technology, the collision sensor uses a laser sensor

No collision with furniture, no cable entanglement.tookfun.

New LDS laser navigation technology to quickly build maps.

Plan the best cleaning route, even in the dark, it can still navigate accurately.

1.Support multi-floor map memory.

2.Build room models quickly.

3.The location is memorized, and the charging base is automatically returned.

4.Even if it leaves, it can still return to continue cleaning.

Build a map of the room, Customize the cleaning plan for each room.

You can set up the bedroom, living room, kitchen,

and set up a different cleaning plan for each room.

XIAOAI Intelligent AI Voice Assistant

You can start the robot remotely via XIAOAI.

MIHOME APP, Through WIFI Internet, Remotely control the robot.

Designated cleaning area

Appointment working time

Set prohibited area

Support OTA Online Upgrade

More features continue to be updated.

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