Mi Smart Power Plug

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1.Frequency:2412 -2472 MHz

2.WiFi Maz.Output:15 dBm

3.Rating:220 – 240 V ~, 16 A, 3680 W (Max.), 50 Hz

4.Compatible with Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above

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The Mi Smart Power Plug socket steadily controls the flow of electricity to specific devices,

and also allows you to remotely use the equipment with a mobile application.

Full safety and minimalist design.

Intelligent socket for smart home,

automatically or manually switches the power supply to connected devices (up to 3,680 watts)

Controllable by Alexa,

Google Voice Assistant and directly in the Mi Home app

Expand your smart home:

Now you cannot control Xiaomi products smartly via your mobile phone either.

Whether at home or on the go.

The Mi Smart Plug works together with other Xiaomi products.

For example, the temperature on the Xiaomi thermometer can be used to switch the electric heater on and off

16A Max load, input voltage can be AC 220V-240V,

The built-in sensor sends notifications

and automatically cuts off the power supply when the temperature is too high.

Detailed parameters

Mi Smart Plug WiFi

Control your home electronics remotely and turn any appliance into a smart device

Control your home electronics no matter where you are

Make day-to-day easier and use electronic devices in a dry way with the Mi Home application,

which will allow you to remotely view,

turn off and turn on the electronic devices in your home that are connected to the Mi Smart Plug (Wi -Fi).

Control energy consumption with the on and off timer

The on-off timer is an eco-friendly feature that helps save energy

by turning some of the more common appliances into smarter ones.

For example, the humidifier can be set to turn on at a predetermined time,

so that the level ideal when you walk in the door Make life a little easier

* The plug has its own memory and can be easily and dry reconnected to the mains if disconnected during use.

Smart-link functionality enables personalized use in a wide variety of situations

Forget having to search for the light switch when you need to get up in the middle of the night.

Now you can make the lights turn on automatically

by plugging a regular table lamp into the smart socket and linking it to a motion sensor

and a gateway with the Mi Home app. Let the imagination fly and discover other smart uses.

Quick setup in 3 steps

Download the Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app to control the appliances remotely with the Mi Smart Plug (Wi-Fi)

1. When the plug indicator flashes yellow, open the Mi Home App tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner to add the smart plug.

2. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

3. Wait until the indicator turns blue. You can now use the smart plug.

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