Mibro Earbuds 3 Pro

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  1. NFC Technology: NO
  2. Sound Isolating: YES
  3. Number Of Drivers: 2
  4. With Microphone: Yes

2000mAh ultra-long endurance | reverse charging | Digital display for 3 powers | Bluetooth 5.3 chip | ENC call noise cancellation | Professional grade speaker sound quality | IPX4 waterproof | Easy and elegant touch control

Slim Design Yet, Large Capacity

Unique layout and design make 2000mAh large capacity battery in s slim body a reality.

Ultra-Long battery Life Of 30 Days

3.5Hours continuous music playing(80% volume)for a total of up to 30 days once fully charged.

6.5hours: Single music endurance;
25times: Circularly charging;
104hours: Total battery life

Reverse Charging

The charging case can be used for charging the phone as a backup charging band, Two charging cords of C-C and A-C attached for users with different phone models(iPhone users need to use their own charging cord)

Digital Display For 3 Powers

The combination of appearance and power quantity digital display can display three power quantities at the same time.

Left earbud power quantities
Right earbud power quantities
Charging case power quantities

Stable And Continuous Bluetooth 5.3 Chip

Bluetooth 5.3 empowers faster transmission and better stability.
Connection range: Up 50%
Stability: Up 75%
Transmission Speed: Up 125%
Power Save: Up 55%

Profession Dynamic horn

The high-quality graphene composite membrane driver unit is used, and the audio EQ created by a professional team is shocking in bass, pure in treble, and clear in communication.

ENC Call Noise Cancellation

Our algorithm combined with deep neural network algorithm can suppress 75% of background noise and isolate voice.

IPX4 Waterproof

Enjoyable exercise.
IPX4 waterproof can effectively resist water in daily use.

Note: The charging case is not waterproof!

Comfortable Experience–Not Afraid Of Shaking, Not Easy To Fall

The earbuds fit the human ear pinna, increasing the contact surface and making the wearing more stable.

One Step Auto Pairing

After connecting for the first time, you can quickly pair the headset with your device each time you take it out.

Do not distinguish between main earbud and auxiliary earbud, it is easy to use.

Tap For Switch

Tap to respond to any commands, Just a tap for accurate feedback and response, Tap twice to switch mode, pause music playing, etc.



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