Wanbo TT

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1. LCD Full Closed Optical Machine: anti- dust Prolong service life.

2. Auto-foucs& Keystone Correction& side projection

3. Native 1080P& 650ANSI& HDR10 & Dolby Audio

4. Netflix-Certified& Widevine DRM L1

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Small Projector 、Large Field of Vison
Take the cinema home

NETFLIX YouTube Prime video

1. Auto focus
2. 650 ANSI
3.LCD full Closed
4.1080P Physical resolution
7.Linux system
8.Dolby sound effect
9.Widevine DRM L1

Brief Simple

Just take and go as you like

Wanbo TT supports Google DRM digital rights management function Widevine DRM L1

AI Auto-focus

Self -develop AI focus algorithm,finish auto-focus within 1-4s normally

With 9 directional gyro ,clear image keeps as it is

650 ANSI

Bright and Outsanding in detail

Be aware at a glance

1080P physical resolution

Original painting level experience



Strong performance

Stronger ,Faster and smarter

Place at will

Support side projection

Enjoy large screen in small space

Dual-band WIFI

Stable and fluent

Full closed optical machine

High heat dissipation with low noise

Enjoy more comfortable

Linux System

With various of genuine Apps built-in

360° Dolby Audio

Immersive cinema

Beyond your imagination

Basic Parameters


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