Wanbo X1

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1. Physical resolution: 1280*720

2. Light source brightness: 5000

3. Projection technology:LCD

4. USB:USB2.0

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Glass Lens,Clear And Durable the clear picture quality is as you can see,themulti-layer coated glass lens has a high refractiveindex and is not affected by temperature distortionIt is wear-resistant and easy to maintain.

1280*720p physical resolution up to 1080p decoding text is clear and sharp , colors are more vivid and vividand the large projection screen has no borders whicheliminates the interference in your field of vision.

LED light source, can maintain a life span of more than 20,000 hours. It can be used for 8 hours a day, and it can also be used for 2500 days.

Wireless Projection ( IOS / Android )The mobile phone and the projector are in the same network envi -ronment , open the movie and click the TV icon to cast the screen

(No WIFI can use the projector hotspot on the same screen )

I-phone can be plugged into the USB port of the projector through the original data cable , and the projector can be switched to the multi-screen interactive interface to share the large screen without network . The operation is simple and there is no delay in the same screen

Remarks : Android phones support typec3 0 video output , can use type-c toHDMI cable for wired same screen , need to switch the signal source to HDML

Dust-proof filter design lasting and fresh

Dust is a projection problem, and entering the interior will cause poor heat dissipation of the black spots on the screen. A detachable dust-proof design is reserved at the bottom of the X1, which is cleaned regularly to extend the life and enhance the user experience.

Dual Fans Low noise

Excellent heat dissipation system, LED and LCD are eachequipped with a blower fan for heat dissipation, and alwaysmaintain low noise(36db/m) under good heat dissipation




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