Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

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  1. 40dB active noise reduction
  2. Double transparency mode
  3. 11mm super dynamic speaker
  4. Low latency of game audio and video
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Xiaomi Flipbus Pro

Active Noise Cancellation Earphone

40dB ANC | 11mm Super Dynamic Loudspeaker | Fast Charging

Active Noise Cancellation

40dB Super Noise Cancellation*

Blocks up to 99% of background noise

Double Transparency Mode

Can communicate freely even with headphones

Three Microphone

Call Noise Cancellation

11mm Super Dynamic Loudspeaker

Studio-level tuning

Highly restore sound texture

Low latency of game audio and video

Bluetooth 5.2

Fast Charging

Charging 5mins, you can listen music 2 hous.*

Dual device smart quick connection*

Easily pair with mobile phones and laptops

Open the earphone box near the Xiaomi mobile phone or Xiaomi notebook, and tap the pop-up window to quickly pair it. At the same time, it supports cloud synchronization of Bluetooth devices, and automatically recognizes and connects under the same Xiaomi account. The headset can be connected to Android, iOS, and Windows cross-platform dual devices at the same time, and you will not miss a mobile phone call when working on a computer.

MIUI pop-up window exclusive settings*

Easily control the headset with one button

Left/ right ear long press

Noise reduction mode

transparent mode

Press left / right ear briefly once

Music play / pause

Call answering ending

Press 3 times in a row

Last song of music

Short press twice in a row

Music next

Reject a call

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