Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 Filter

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1.Powerful filter 99.5% filtration efficiency of the host*

2.Real-time monitoring for filter presence Preventing damage to the fan

3.90 folded mountain structures Reducing wind resistance and increase filter area


Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11 Filter   2-Pack

Filtering dust as small as 0.3μm and releasing clean air

Powerful filter
99.5% filtration efficiency of the host*
It can effectively filter dust as small as 0.3μm, and with the multiple filter devices of the vacuum cleaner, the filter effect of the host is as high as 99.5%, purifying your air and keeping you more healthy.
Real-time monitoring for filter presence
Preventing damage to the fan
The filter can prevent dust from entering the fan. The built-in Hall sensor in the body can monitor the presence of the filter, the vacuum cleaner will not start without a filter installed, so as to effectively avoid damage to the fan.
Filter cleaning steps, can be washed and recycled
Step 1:After dumping the dust, unscrew the dust bucket counterclockwise and take out the filter and filter assembly.
Step 2:Separate the filter assembly and the filter.
Step 3:Remove the sponge part and wash them separately.
Step 4:Dry for at least 24 hours after wash until they are completely dry before reinstalling.
* For effective filtration, it is recommended to replace the filter every three months.*Do not touch the surface of the filter with hands, brushes or sharp objects to avoid damage to the filter element.
Compatible model Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G11
*99.5% filtration efficiency of the host: Referring to the IEC 62885-4: 2020 test standard, the filtration efficiency of dust as small as 0.3um can reach 99.5% under the basic test condition of air flow of 15.5L/s. Measured by Suzhou GTT Service Co., Ltd. Report number: 0729-21A-01.


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