Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

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  1. Double-sided sapphire glass
  2. 1.47″ narrow bezel large screen
  3. 14 days long battery life

Texture design

A new watch on the wrist

46mm circular watch design

1.47″ ultra-narrow bezel large screen looks just right

Delicate and bright

Good texture visible

Exquisite stainless steel body

Elegant streamline shape

Sapphire glass heart rate window

Ceramic texture back cover

Exquisite sapphire glass heart rate window on each side, stronger and more scratch resistant.

The outer ring adopts a high-gloss back shell with ceramic texture, which is warm and skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

Integrated design without screws,

Reducing porosity, simpler and easier to clean

“Pyramid” Textured Smart Crown

Highly recognizable, delicate and smooth rotation

100+ Fashion Style Dial

New experience on MIUI Watch wrist

Play music independently, travel light when exercising

It can be disconnected from the mobile phone, connected to WiFi to play music independently*,

Listen to music while exercising, and switch at will, with less burden

Cross-screen intelligent linkage

Mobile phone notification reminder, one-key synchronization of the Watch

Clearer Wrist Talk

Support Bluetooth™ calls, free your hands,

and through Xiaomi’s self-developed AI call noise reduction algorithm,

your voice can be heard clearly in a noisy environment

Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center

Smart control of various Xiaomi smart devices on the wrist

Your portable video remote

Through the Mi Miaoxiang Center*, your watch can adjust the volume of Xiaomi smart TV*, Xiaomi smart speakers.

change channels, cut songs, and become a portable remote control in seconds.

High-frequency monitoring on the wrist

More dimensions and more advanced health management

Skin temperature measurement, Keep your warmth in mind

Xiaomi’s first watch that measures skin temperature*, adopts high-precision contact conduction temperature measurement algorithm, and precise measurement, allowing you to track of your skin temperature status at any time.

Low blood oxygen detection, timely warning

Support 100+ sports modes

All kinds of sports you like, waiting for you to practice

Powerful inner core brings powerful performance

Higher performance and lower power consumption

Using 12nm advanced process chip, and then blessed by Xiaomi performance scheduling algorithm, it has stronger performance, saves power consumption, and helps long-lasting battery life.

It also cooperates tacitly with MIUI Watch to bring smooth performance.


Behind the power, there is a strong battery life with superior strength

Xiaomi wireless fast charging technology, you can enjoy 2 days of charging in 10 minutes.

The Battery life can be charged to 100% in 85 minutes, and the typical battery life can be up to 14 days.

Wireless reverse charging

continuous power on the wrist

5ATM* grade protection

Waterproof is very good


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