Redmi Power Bank 10000mAh

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1. 10000mAh Large Capacity

2. USB-C+ Micro USB input

3. Dual USB-A Output

4. Light and Compact

Redmi Power Bank 10000mAh ( PB100LZM )

Features & Specifications

10000mAh (3.7V, 37W) Battery capacity, Real output at 5500mAh (5.1V, 2.6A)

1.There’s no cable inside original box, you can buy the SKU option with cables.
2.To charge the power bank, fast please buy the SKU add 17W USB Charger (5V 2.4A Single output, 5V 3.4A Dual output)

*Can be on the plane

Beautiful & Powerful

It can charge xiaomi 9 2.2 times when full of power, and there is still power remaining.

Dual Output Interface

Redmi power bank standard version has two USB-A output ,It can charge for two smart devices at the same time. Dual output can reach up to 5.1V 2.6A

Dual Input Interface

Android Devices have either Micro USB or USB-C interface, just use your original Android cable to charge the power bank

Lithium Polymer Battery

High Quality Circuit Chip

Multiple protection


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