70mai Air Compressor Lite TP03

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  1. Fast Inflating & 12V DC Outlet
  2. Auto Cut-off & Pressure Pre-set
  3. Wide Compatibility
  4. Touch Screen with Built-in LED

Powerful Enough

Despite the small size, the motor is powerful enough to tackle most inflation tasks on the road. Inflates a mid-size tyre within 5 minutes at a rate of 25L/min from 0 to 30 PSI. (Tire size: 195/70R14)

Safe Design for Over Inflation

The smart chip accepts real-time data from the sensor and dynamically adjusts the pressure. Just pre-set your desired PSI and it would automatically cut-off when reached.

More Appalication

Great for bike, mountain bike, motorcycle tires, also superb for sports and camping equipments.

Compact & Portable

This one-piece, mini air compressor has a compact design, and is well-suited for transport and storage.

Less Noise

Sound will not louder than 78.9dB. Don’t worry about bother the neighbourhood.


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