Lenovo HE05X

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1. Using high-performance Bluetooth 5.0 chip, low power consumption, low delay, stable signal transmission.
2. Using carbon fiber composite diaphragm and large coil acoustic technology, it can restore the shocking sound quality of high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency.
3. Ergonomic design, 45° tilt, fits the ear canal, holds firmly and comfortably, and is not easy to fall off. The soft TPE material is skin-friendly and comfortable.
4. The magnetic design eliminates cumbersome storage steps and is not easy to be twisted or lost.
5. Intelligent wire control, realizing multi-function control such as music playback and call.
6. IPX5 waterproof rating, don’t worry about earphones damaged by sweating.
7. Built-in large-capacity battery to ensure long battery life, 8 hours of music, no need to worry about insufficient power.

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