Lenovo X3 Pro

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1. Bluetooth 5.3

2. IP56 waterproof and dustproof

3. True bone conduction

4. 13MM Large Moving Coil Speaker

IP56 waterproof and dustproof

Bluetooth 5.3

Long battery life

Insensitive delay


Full-frequency dynamic unit, high-fidelity natural sound quality.three-frequency balanced dynamic unit,full and rich HIFI-grade sound quality

lmmersive sound experience, immersive vibration and sound,Cinematic experience

Using innovative 5.3 chip, stable connection and clear calllower power consumption, more power saving, clearer sound

The new bone conduction technology, the sound quality isupgraded again, the bass is rich, and the mid and highfrequency is more delicate and penetrating

Effectively reduce sound leakage, sound insulation andvibration prevention.Open both ears, contact the naturalsound of the outside world without revealing the voice of thecall, and protect the privacy of the call

Stronger anti-interference ability, low latencyand smoother games

IP56 waterproof and dustproof.daily scrubbing, escort your sports

Pointing type vibrator, more comfortable to wear without in-earComfortable ear protection, no in-ear design, clear and loudwith headphones

Powerful upgrade of battery life, 7 hours of hard corebattery life, positive movement, unleash your potential

Brand new and stylish, classic black and whitesmart compatible devices (IOS, Android, Hongmeng)


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