Mi Camera 2K Magnetic Mount

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1. Compact design, ultra clear 2K image
2. Two-way voice calls︱Motion detection
3. Ultra clear 2K image quality| Infrared night vision





Mi Camera 2K Magnetic Mount

Compact design, ultra clear 2K image|Ultra clear 2K image quality| Infrared night vision

Newly upgraded ultra clear 2K image* can be zoomed in without blurring

The newly upgraded ultra clear 2304 x 1296 resolution captures images in greater detail.

Clear 940nm night vision lets you watch over your family and home

The built-in 940-nm infrared lighting produces no visible red glow, leaving you and your family to sleep in peace.

Two-way voice calls come through loud and clear

The two-way real-time voice call feature lets you speak to family members as if you were standing in the room.

Smart Control with Voice

Simply ask your Mi Smart Clock to show the real-time video output from your camera*.

AI human detection effectively eliminates false alarms

The Mi Camera 2K (Magnetic Mount) comes equipped with AI human detection technology,

which can effectively filter out false alarms, so you will only be notified when there is human motion.

180° rotating magnetic mount gives you more options for installation.

The metal pad that comes along with the magnetic mount makes the installation even easier.

More features to be discovered

Quick 3-Step Setup



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