Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S

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  1. Another step closer to perfect natural light
  2. Provides even illumination over a wide area
  3. Ultra-high Ra 90 color rendering index exceeds previous generation
  4. Equipped with a Fresnel lens for more even and natural light
Mijia table lamp 1S
A level optical illumination, restore a more realistic color world
Optimize the light on the basis of the 1st generation
Under the premise that the overall appearance size is unchanged,
the luminous flux of Mijia table lamp 1S has increased by 73% compared to the first generation,
up to 520lm.Tookfun.
The central illumination is as high as 1250lux, which is 66% higher than the first generation.
The color rendering index is as high as Ra90,
and the color reproduction ability exceeds 1 generation,
which has reached the lighting color reproduction standard for medical places.
Fresnel optical lens texture design allows light to undergo multiple refractions and reflections,
making the light more uniform and natural.
Using a special dimming mechanism, even at low brightness,
it is equivalent to the high brightness working mechanism at PWM dimming,
so there is no flicker, reducing the burden on the eyes.
Focus mode
In focus mode, users can set up a ‘focus time’ and ‘rest period’, each completed a ‘focus time’ lamp,
the lamp will remind the users to take a rest via ‘breathing light’,
which helps users improve work efficiency, reduce eye fatigue
Read mode
Mi Smart lamp 1S provides users with a more neutral color temperature ( 4000K ) and 100pct brightness,
which improves readers’ attention as well as prolong reading time without tiring
PC mode
Blue light from computers can be damaging to your eyes.Tookfun.
2700K color temperature pleasant light is designed to reduce the proportion of blue light
when using computers, protecting users eyes
Kid mode
Since the eyes of children haven’t developed completely and can be easily hurt,
Mi Smart lamp 1S, designed for children,
has passed the Biosafety certified to meet the latest safety standards,
silently protect the children from damaging eyesight
Can access Mihome APP and Apple Homekit system at the same time, support voice control.
In addition, users can also adjust the color temperature and brightness through the knob.
Click the button: Turn the desk lamp on / off
Rotate button: adjust light brightness
Hold and rotate button: adjust color temperature
Double-click the button: Quickly turn on focus mode
Excellent heat dissipation, lamp bead life is up to 25000h
Full metal structure shaft, passed 10,000 tests


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