MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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1.Mini Size But Surprisingly Loud Volume

2.Easy to operate and control

3.Compact and Elegant

4.Wireless Connection

MUZEN NW-P11 Mini Bluetooth Speaker
The retro design derived from the vinyl vinyl record palyer,all-metal body,piano paint,Small and cute figure,perfect sound quality,the best gift for your best friend.
· Easy to operate and control:
Turn the knob on the left to adjust the volume.
Switch the music by pulling the middle lever up or down.
Control the speaker on/off by pushing the toggle to right/left.

Won the American CES Innovative

Design Award Compatible with Mainstream Music App

Bluetooth quick connection to your device,you can control the music play by tappping the tuning knib[Puse/Play/Volume/Next].

Compatible with mainstream music apps such as Apple Music,Youtube Music.

Heart-warming Technology

Inspired by vinyl record player,retro and creative.

It is not only Bluetooth speaker,but also works of art.

· Compact and Elegant:

MUZEN Button is the smallest Bluetooth speaker in our collection.

This pocket speaker is crafted with the most quality material currently on the market and with the consideration of convenience and aesthetics.

· Mini Size But Surprisingly Loud Volume:

Amazing sound clarity with a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of over 70 decibels.

Superior quality sound from such a small device.

ALL Metal Shell

AI-Zinc shell,the solid structure makes the sound more explosive

· Wireless Connection:

Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Connects to your smartphone or tablet in seconds with a distance of up to 33 ft.

Supporting automatically reconnects to the last device used.

Three-pass Painting Process

The paint process of Morcedes-Benz make it bright in color and confortable to the touch

· Imagination and Freedom:

Crafted with the most qualified material on the market, with a little imagination, Muzen Button will take us back to childhood and imagine if we could transmit exotic sounds and music to narrate our youthful journey through “button”.

Mini Size but Surprisingly Loud Volume

Long Battery Life

In the of full power and normal volume,it can play continuously for about 7 hours


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