QCY H2 Pro

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1.70-Hour Battery Life

2.Wireless Bluetooth 5.3

3.ENC Crystal Clear Calls

4.Collapsible design-Saving space

Crisp Highs, Bright Mids and Punchy Bass
1.Lightweight Design Stylish and Colorful-The ergonomic design makes it comfortable enough for all-day use.Stylish appearance that’s eye-catching and suits every personality.
2.One Button to Turn on Bass Mode-In bass mode, you can always get rich and punchy lows.Compared with H2, the bass mode of H2PRO is better. In normal mode, the volume and bass are significantly improved, and the sound quality is also improved.
3.Upgraded 40MM Big Driver-With PET titanium coating, the driver improves resolution in highs
so you can feel crisp sound with more details.
4.70-Hour Battery Life-It delivers more than one week playback after one top-up, if you listen music 8 hours per day.-Quick charging,1.5h Charging time=70h Music time=300h Standby time.
5.Wireless Bluetooth 5.3-Bring high quality sound and stable and high-speed transmission over a distance of 10meters for clear and low latency calls and audio-to-video synchronization,without music or video stutter
6.0.078s Low Latency-For gaming instant response,for flawless gaming,turn on the low latency mode,latency is as low as 0.078 seconds, enjoy a seamless no-lag gaming experience.
7.Dual Device Connection-It can be paired with two devices at the same time.So when a call comes in, your headphones know which device is ringing and connects to the right one automatically. You’ll also be able to quickly switch your headphones to either of the two devices at the press of a button.
8.Wire Mode Available -Support Bluetooth wireless mode
and AUX wire mode.(Note:without AUX cable)
9.Upgraded Comfort-Optimize the leather of the earmuffs to imitation protein leather, increase the thickness of the sponge, improve airtightness and wearing comfort.
10.ENC Crystal Clear Calls-It can pick up voice precisely, which enables ultra clear call quality even in noisy environment like subway or bus station.
11.Cater to Your Preference-Customize StormLite to your own preference in the app.
*Pairing pop-up *Sound effect *Find your headphones *EQ adjustment*Game mode
12.Control at Your Fingertips ,Collapsible design-Saving space


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