Xiaomi 120W Charging Combo (Type-A)

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1.120W max output

2.Smart protection

3.More compatibility

4.Safety and security

5.Simple style

Xiaomi 120w Charging Combo Type A

Xiaomi 120W Charging Combo (Type-A)
120W max output | Smart protection | More compatibility | Safety and security | Simple style
*Including a USB to Type-C cable (1m)
Safety and security with layers of reinforcement
Ten layers of smart protection
The ten layers of built-in smart protection, short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overheat protection, undervoltage protection, smart temperature control, etc.
The ten layers of built-in smart protection can safeguard the fast charging within the normal operating current range. Safety from the inside out.
Overvoltage protection
Overheat protection
Overcurrent protection
Abnormal circuit impedance protection
Short-circuit protection
Undervoltage protection
Static electricity protection
Data cable encryption protection
Electromagnetic field protection
Lightning protection
Compatible with popular mainstream devices
For truly lighter travels
Built-in smart identification chip and Type-C port, compatible with most commercially available smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. Cleaner desktop and lighter travels.
(When used with the original Xiaomi charging cable, it can safely charge the majority of devices with a Type-C port on the market)
One charger is enough for truly lighter travels.
*Safe charging for most Type-C port laptops on the market, with smart fast charging power up to 65W (20V/3.25A)
High temperature resistant material
Double the safety
The case is made of UL94-V0 grade flame retardant and temperature resistant material, delivering cooling and safe, reliable experience.
Simplicity is beauty
Comfortable grip to your liking
The white housing is made of PC flame retardant material and has a glossy, streamlined and simple surface
Advanced technologies to cope with high altitudes
Suitable for use at 2000m altitudes, no more worries about high altitudes.
Including a charging cable as standard
*Please note that pictures shown on our website are for illustration purpose only and actual products may vary due to product enhancement or change
*Charging time data: Charging speeds may vary depending on device usage, conditions and other factors.
*All above data come from Xiaomi Laboratory, unless otherwise stated. Specific values may vary slightly from actual values due to differences between the test environments. Please refer to the actual values.


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