Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush T700

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1. 4mm ultra-thin brush head

2. LED smart display

3. 360° wireless charging

4. Ultra-dense soft bristles

MIJIA Sonic Electric Toothbrush T700
Super dense soft bristles – deep cleaning and care for gums
4mm ultra-thin brush head – comfortable entrance, flexible tooth cleaning
LED intelligent large screen – power adjustment mode, you can see at a glance
Stepless power regulation – Precise control of brushing strength
Custom small emoticons – Fun and personality, prevent mixing
360° wireless charging – charging can be placed at will, no fixed form is required

More professional electric toothbrush
Brush bristles, brush head, brush handle, comprehensive upgrade

Dupont nylon super soft bristles
Delicate and soft care, reduce gingival irritation
Good news for sensitive oral cavity, soft and delicate without stimulation, and can penetrate into the gap between teeth to clean the stains.
0.127mm diameter of outer brush wire, 0.152 diameter of middle brush wire

4mm ultra-thin brush head
Comfortable entrance, more flexible oral cleaning
Compared with ordinary brush, the brush head is smaller, reduce the foreign body sensation in the mouth, and easily penetrate into the mouth to clean the corner.
4mm ultra-thin brush heads, 2 standard brush heads

2 times the amount of hair , M-shaped layout
Efficient and clean, safe and healthy
The higher density brings stronger cleaning power. The M-type brush layout is suitable for the Pap brushing method. The 45° tilt tremor cleans the gingival sulcus and comprehensively cleans food residues and soft dirt. It complies with FDA food contact material regulations and is safe to import.

Magnetic levitation sonic motor
Super cleaning power, low noise and shock absorption
39600 times/min high frequency swing, strong power and stability provide super cleaning power, effectively remove dental plaque, tartar and other stains. At the same time, shock-absorbing materials are used to greatly reduce the discomfort of shaking hands.
39600 times/minute, 55dB low noise
Power stepless regulation
Precise control of brushing strength
Brush handle button can directly adjust the brushing power, from soft to strong, multiple gears change freely, suitable for different oral conditions.

More intelligent electric toothbrushes not only report brushing but also display personalized customization mode
Brushing mode is customized
Meet various dental cleaning needs
In addition to gentle mode and standard modes, connect mijia APP can also customize your favorite brushing intensity and length to meet the needs of different people.
3 recommended modes,
10 seconds to prevent sputtering,
3 options for brushing duration,
3 options for additional features

No longer worry about pushing too hard
Automatic warning when overpressure
When brushing too hard, turn on the pressure alert to prevent gingival bleeding.

LED display
Check your brushing score at any time
More data and analysis reports can be viewed in mijia APP to help you develop good brushing habits.
Brush your teeth pattern
Brush your teeth score
Current usage mode display
Battery remaining indicator

Custom small emoticons
Make brushing your teeth fun and easy
You can also set names, emoticons, and more reminders of anniversaries, decorate the ritual sense of life with cuteness, and effectively prevent the mixing of toothbrushes.

Mi home intelligent interconnection
Brushing is also accompanied
Linkage small love speaker “, when brushing teeth automatically play music, news and so on.

Good looks, wireless charging, water resistance, anything you want, I got it
Integrated design, skin-friendly coating
Comfortable grip, fine and dirt resistant
Exquisite appearance to avoid dirt. Baking paint skin-friendly coating, delicate feel when water is not slippery.

You will see the subtlety of these details when you use them
Metal button design — quality touch, durable
Convex back design – comfortable grip, prevent slipping
Rechargeable base silicone ring — effective anti-slip, safe placement



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