Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T

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1.Patented anti-tangle technology

2. 8000Pa high vacuum fan blower

3. 5200mAh large battery capacity

4. 3 water volume settings

XiaomI Robot Vacuum S10T

Tangle-free, powerful fan blower, super-strong cleaning power

Patented anti-tangle technology

8000Pa high vacuum fan blower

5200mAh large battery capacity

3 water volume settings

Patented anti-tangle technology

8000Pa high vacuum fan blower

LDS laser navigation

450ml quick-opening dustbin

250ml electronically controlled water tank

5200mAh large battery capacity

Active hair removal, super-strong fan blower power

Solving your cleaning dilemmas once and for allWhen cleaning the house, running into problems is inevitable!

When the roller brush gets entangled with hair, the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum is reduced and it’s easy for the bristles to hide the dirt.

The amount of the hair shedded from pets is too much, that it’s extremely difficult to thoroughly clean the floor!Patented anti-tangle technology*

Automatically cuts hair with no need for manual removal Equipped with a powerful anti-tangle feature that cuts the hair entangled around the roller brush through the back-and-forth motion of the built-in blades to keep the roller brush running smoothly. Ensure cleaning efficiency and say goodbye to manually removingentangled hair.

Comb teeth

Straighten out hair and cut them faster

The comb teeth straightens out hair attached to the roller brush to let it tightly wind around the roller brush. This allows the blunt-toothed blades to cut off the hair quickly and efficiently, solving the problem of entangled hair.Vacuum with strong fan blower up to 8000Pa

Clear away all kinds of debris and dirts on the floor

Equipped with a high-speed DC brushless motor with fan blower up to 8000Pa for a superior performance. Pets hair and large dust particles are easily vacuumed.Vacuum fan blower test

Super mode-8000Pa*

Super-strong fan blower for superior cleaning performanceTurbo mode-4000Pa*

Strong fan blower for everyday cleaningStandard mode-2000Pa*

Standard mode also possess strong fan blower

Quick mapping and high-speed computing

A good aid to home cleaning

Next-generation LDS laser navigation

Quick mapping to stay one step ahead

Equipped with the new-generation LDS laser navigation system, it can survey the complex environment of the entire home 360° round without being impacted by lights. This allows the robot vacuum to quickly finish its mapping before the first cleaning.

Quick mapping

Tap on cleaning areaQuad-core chip + SLAM algorithm

Precisely dynamic path mapping

Empowered by quad-core chip and SLAM algorithm, the robot vacuum has superior computing power. Through real-time precise positioning and dynamic planning of cleaning routes, it efficiently cleans rooms with different layouts.Dual-mode fast pairing

Faster connection to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app

Equipped with a WiFi+BLE dual-mode wireless module, you can quickly connect the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10T to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app by placing your mobile phone near it. Less operating procedures and better user experience.High battery capacity and sizeable water tank

An all-rounder for vacuuming and moppingLarge battery capacity up to 5200mAh

Clean even large homes in one go

The built-in 5200mAh high-capacity battery has a long battery life and can finish a large area of up to 180m2* cleaning in one go.450ml quick-opening dustbin

No need to empty the dustbin frequently, save more time for you

With a dustbin capacity of up to 450ml, there is no need for frequent emptying. It is designed to be pulled out at the rear for a quick open of the dustbin.

250ml sizeable water tank*

Easily mop even large homes

Equipped with a 250ml sizeable water tank, it meets the mopping needs of larger homes. The mop features a big pad made of microfibres to ensure good water absorption and extensive floor coverage for better mopping results.3 electronically controlled settings to adjust water volume

Meeting your various everyday cleaning needs

With 3 adjustable water volume settings, it will meet your mopping needs for different scenes. Conveniently switch between settings with one touch through the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app

Low volume

Medium volume

High volume

Control through the app, OTA updates

A variety of features at your fingertips

Control through the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app

A variety of features and user-friendly

After connecting to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, you can set the cleaning mode through your mobile phone to meet your personalised needs. You can also remotely control the robot vacuum, which can completely clean your home while you are away.

OTA updates*

Better performance for a novel experience

The product allows OTA updates with programs released regularly to continuously improve product performance and user friendliness.


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