Xiaomi Smart Camera C500 Pro

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1. 5MP HD

2. Physical lens shield

3. Ultra-low light color

4. 360° panorama

Xiaomi Smart Camera C500 Pro

5MP | HDR | Pet detection | Dual-motor pan-tilt zoom | High-power speaker

Protect your privacy

With hardware security chip

Each built-in MJA1 security chip has an exclusive private key and certificate. All device data transmissions go through the MJA1 security chip to effectively guarantee the security of communications and user privacy. Financial-grade protection allows for added peace of mind.

Physical lens shield

Protecting your privacy at the source

When the camera is not in use, you can enable the physical lens shield via your smartphone. Once enabled, the camera lens will rotate upwards into the caseto ensure improved privacy protection. Shield activation times can be customized for your convenience at home. Tookfun

5MP ultra-clear imaging

Ultra-clear 3K images from the 5MP camera allow you to see all the subtle details in your home when you’re away.

*3K means the Xiaomi Smart Camera C500 Pro can have a lens resolution of up to 2960×1666.

Colorful images even in low light

The ultra-low light color mode can provide full-color images in low-light conditions, extending the time the camera can capture color footage throughout the day.

Built-in infrared illuminator enhances the infrared night vision to capture clear images even when it’s completely dark.


HDR mode

Clear images even with backlight or glare

With HDR (high dynamic range) mode on, the camera can take clear images even in strong light or backlit conditions and retain more details.

Keep your kids and pets safe with AI detection

Local pet detection

Primary area detection

Loud noise detection

Crying baby detection

Local human detection tracks movements

When the camera detects a human, their movements are tracked and a notification is immediately sent to your smartphone.

Dual-motor pan-tilt zoom for wide viewing angles

The dual-motor pan-tilt zoom design enables the lens to flexibly rotate up, down, left, and right, 360° horizontally and 114° vertically. It provides an extensive horizon, leaving no space for blind spots at home.

Smart surveillance and automatic notifications for anomalies

Two smart surveillance modes let you see what’s happening at home while you’re away.

Clear two-way voice calls

Whether there’s an emergency or you just feel homesick, the camera’s built-in high-power speaker ensure loud and clear two-way voice calls.

Voice Control

Voice control works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Thoughtful details for your convenience

Dual-band Wi-Fi connections supported

H.265 encoding technology

Support standard installation and hoisting

Three storage methods supported

Enable your security camera in three simple steps

① Download the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app

② Turn on Xiaomi Smart Camera C500 Pro

③ To start using, open the app, then add and connect to the device


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