Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite

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1.Intelligent Personal Assistant: Amazon Alexa

2.Speaker Type: Portable

3.Speaker: 1.75″ full-range speaker

4.Audio Crossover: Full-Range

Xiaomi Smart Speaker Lite

Build up your smart home

Exquisite design

The most stylish of home devices

Compact and exquisite design with a fine matte finish in premium grey to enhance your home style.


Understands your voice

Alexa is the intelligent cloud-based voice AI allows you to control the speaker with voice commands. Play music, find out the weather or turn up/down the volume all using your voice.

Smart Hub

The smart hub of your home

Discover a cooler lifestyle. After the smart speaker and smart devices are connected to Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App, the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App could be synchronously associated with Amazon Alexa App. As long as a word, the smart speaker can be used to control various smart devices in the home through Alexa, and help you create a smart and warm home.


Home-wide great sound

With Alexa multi-room or AirPlay 2*, multiple speakers can be used in different rooms and simulcast the same music, radio stations, podcasts, and audio throughout the house.

Huge choice of music online

Enjoy to your heart’s content

Streaming from Amazon Music, Spotify, Tuneln and more*. Use your voice to get Alexa to play your favourite song, artist or genre and immerse yourself in a world of sound.

Upgraded connection

More convenient and stable

Multiple connection options for fast and stable transmission.

Communicate with Alexa even in large rooms

A high-quality microphone and advanced AI technology help reduce the effects of ambient noise. With AI deep learning technology, Alexa will become easier to use the more you communicate with it.xiaomi-store 

More powerful bass

· 1.75 inch High quality loudspeaker unit

Professional tuning by the Xiaomi Acoustic Lab for full and refined sound and an immersive listening experience.

· U-shaped duct design

Boosted low frequencies for great bass experience.

· 350cc sound cavity

Innovative sound cavity design to maximise speaker power and bring you an outstanding listening experience.

Enable your speaker in three simple steps

① Download the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app

② Power on the Xiaomi smart speaker lite

③ Open the app, search for and connect to the device to use it normally

Easy to operate

① Action Button:Press to wake/interrupt/stop the Alexa

② Play/Pause Button:Press to play/pause

Press and hold to reset the speaker in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App

③ Mic On/Off Button: Press to turn on/off the microphone

When the microphone is on, the four indicators stay on.

④ Indicator light

Package Contents

Smart Speaker×1

User Manual×1

Power Adapter×1


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