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Not just football: the 15th edition of the popular Ponle Freno is over and Xiaomi has something to tell you

Not long ago,Xiaomi announced in Spain that it will become an official collaborator of the sporting event “Ponle Freno”,thus strengthening its presence in more social events, as we have seen recently in the Xataka Awards,this Existence doesn’t stop winning integers.

About the “Ponle Freno” competition, perhaps many of you have heard of it. Organized by the Atresmedia Group,the competition aims to “raise awareness about the integration of road safety in our country’s compulsory education system” and takes place on November 20 at 09:00 in Plaza Colón, Madrid.

And in this race, Xiaomi’s e-scooters hold the key to promoting sustainable transport.In this case, Xiaomi Spain’s presence at the event will go far beyond simple sponsorship,as it will provide a total of ten Xiaomi electric scooters to the top three male and female riders in each of the different categories, and it will even A free parking lot has been set up near the venue for all users who want to ride their own e-scooters.

In addition to this, of course, the brand will also be present in different elements of the entire event schedule such as fences, start and finish arches or photoshoots with official logos, added to different information about its own e-scooters, This information will be handy in every runner’s backpack.With this, it is clear that the Asian company wants to strengthen its presence in a category in which it has a market share of more than 65% in Spain, and these actions show us Xiaomi’s intention to continue leading the market at 100%. The electric and sustainable mobility market does not stop growing year after year.

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