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Xiaomi Auto Technology Conference: Competing with Porsche and Tesla, Striving to Be Among the Top Five in the World

On December 28, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference was held with the theme of “Stride”. The design, performance, battery life, safety and other details of Xiaomi’s first product, Mi SU7, were unveiled for the first time. At the meeting, Lei Jun talked about Xiaomi’s goal of building cars. At the same time, he also talked about Xiaomi’s specific experience in building cars and related breakthroughs in the 1,000 days since the announcement.

“Xiaomi has decided to invest tenfold, start from the underlying core technology, and seriously build a good car. Through 15 to 20 years of hard work, it will become one of the top five automakers in the world and strive for the overall rise of China’s auto industry! “Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said at the scene that Xiaomi Auto is a major leap for Xiaomi Group from the mobile phone industry to the automobile industry, and it is also a key leap forward for the complete closed loop of “a complete ecology of people, cars and homes”. He said that Xiaomi Motors’ goal is to build a dream car that can rival Porsche and Tesla. “What we want to build is not a mediocre car. What we want to build is a dream car that is comparable to Porsche and Tesla. It is also a mobile smart space that is good-looking, easy to drive, comfortable and safe.” Today At the afternoon press conference, Lei Jun defined Xiaomi Auto’s goals this way. After the SU7 was revealed, some viewers indeed exclaimed that it was the first “Porsche” for young people.

In his opinion, the automobile has been developed for more than 130 years and has always been the “king of industry” and the most typical representative of the “zeitgeist” of every era. In the first 100 years of the automobile, as a travel vehicle, Porsche was a model; since the new century, Tesla has taken the lead in pioneering smart electric vehicles, turning cars into “mobile computing terminals”; and now, the new mission of the automobile industry is to create “Advanced mobile intelligent space” is Xiaomi’s starting point for building cars.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Motors has insisted on starting from the underlying core technology from the beginning, insisting on forward research and development, and in-depth self-research on key tracks. At present, Xiaomi has invested more than 10 billion yuan in the first phase of R&D. The R&D team has more than 3,400 engineers, including thousands of top domestic and foreign technical experts in key fields.

This press conference officially disclosed the progress and breakthroughs of Xiaomi’s five core technologies, including electric drive, battery, large die-casting, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and other key areas. It can be called the culmination of Xiaomi’s 13 years of technology accumulation.

Among them, in the field of industrial hard technology, Xiaomi has demonstrated its self-research and manufacturing hard-core technology capabilities, and has leading complete automotive industry intelligent manufacturing capabilities. For example, Xiaomi’s independently developed and produced super motor HyperEngine V8s has a speed of 27,200 rpm, ranking first in the world’s mass-produced motors. Xiaomi has independently developed CTB integrated battery technology and launched the world’s first cell inversion technology, achieving the world’s highest CTB battery speed. The battery integration efficiency is 77.8%. In order to ensure battery performance and quality from the source, Xiaomi even built its own battery pack factory.

In addition, Xiaomi has self-developed “9100t super large die-casting cluster” and self-developed die-casting alloy material “Titan Alloy”, becoming the only domestic automobile manufacturer with self-developed large die-casting and die-casting materials. At present, the industry is increasing the clamping force tonnage of die-casting. Xiaomi is firmly pursuing the road of full-stack self-research. From self-developed materials, equipment cluster systems, to finished castings, it has completed full-stack self-development of almost all links in the large die-casting industry chain. research.

In the field of intelligent soft technology, Xiaomi has demonstrated its unique advantages of being a “big technology manufacturer and ecological car manufacturing”, promoting the integration of the automotive industry, the consumer electronics industry, and the intelligent ecology. For example, based on Xiaomi ThePaper OS, Xiaomi smart cockpit has realized the bottom layer reconstruction, evolved for the car, and created an advanced intelligent mobile space; in the field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi has launched the industry’s first adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road models, and super-resolution occupied network technology. and other three key technologies.

In addition, the comprehensive empowerment of AI has become a new highlight for Xiaomi Auto to integrate cutting-edge technologies and achieve innovative breakthroughs. For example, in addition to the industry’s first large-scale road model, Xiaomi also developed the world’s first mass-produced “end-to-end perception decision-making large model” for the valet parking scenario of smart driving, which can observe and dynamically adjust the parking machinery in real time. Super difficult parking spaces such as warehouse spaces.

With the release of Xiaomi Auto’s SU7, Xiaomi’s “Full Ecosystem for People, Cars, and Homes” has finally realized a closed loop on the product front. In Lei Jun’s vision, the so-called full ecology of people, cars, and homes means “comprehensively opening up the scenarios of people, cars, and homes, realizing seamless connection of hardware devices, real-time collaboration, and driving industry chain partners to create a people-centered and proactive service for people. A super intelligent ecology. The ecology provides intelligent services to people, and people bring intelligence to the ecology, making the ecology smarter.”

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