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Xiaomi is ahead of the game, but as of this date, all its phones must have USB-C

Xiaomi has always been a pioneer company when it comes to incorporating technological advances into its devices. If the brand is characterized by something, it is for being one of the most innovative, but everything has an expiration date, and in the case of Xiaomi, it is time to give way to USB-C.
USB-A or microUSB has until recently been the quintessential USB for all types of devices before USB-C arrived with its incredible charging and data transfer speeds. Now, the European Union is going to force us to say goodbye to the old connection.

As we say, Xiaomi has always been one of the first to bring the latest technology to its devices. In the case of USB-C, the Xiaomi Mi 5 was the first to adopt the new connectivity back in 2016, and since then the vast majority of the company’s devices have incorporated that standard.

In any case, and although the main mobile phones, tablets and headphones already work with USB-C, there are still some, such as the Redmi A1 or the Redmi 9C and 9A, which still incorporate microUSB in their lower frame, and the European Union is going to force not only Xiaomi, but all brands to equip the new USB-C.


The date on which Xiaomi must manufacture phones with this new port in the EU has also been set today: December 28, 2024. It will be then when neither Xiaomi nor anyone else can sell devices with the old micro USB.

As you can see, there is still a long way to go before the law becomes effective, but companies like Xiaomi can take years to develop devices, so this margin should not pose any problem for future mobile phones, cameras, headphones and any other technological accessory that Xiaomi manufactures. since then.
But the thing does not end there: in addition to the obligation to incorporate USB-C, the European Union has also wanted to regulate the charging of devices. From that same date, Power Delivery technology, a USB charging protocol, will have to be equipped in all chargers that use 15W or more, to further standardize everything related to USB and charging.

As we have mentioned, the vast majority of devices and accessories in Xiaomi’s extensive catalog already comply with these future Union standards, so it should not be too complicated a task for the Chinese company. Of course, some modifications will have to be made in the lower range to adapt it to the new laws.

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