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Xiaomi Successfully Held the Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Forum

On September 1, Xiaomi hosted a forum on artificial intelligence industry development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, “Gathering the Bay Area to Discuss the Future”. At the meeting, many professionals attended and expressed their views on the future development of artificial intelligence view.

First of all, as the person in charge of the large-scale model algorithm of the Xiaomi Group Technical Committee AI Lab, Mr. Liu Wei brought you the theme sharing of “Xiaomi AI Lab: Practitioners of Xiaomi AI Strategy”, introducing a series of Xiaomi’s blockbuster products The debut of Xiaomi and technology fully demonstrates Xiaomi’s upgrades in understanding and capabilities in technology leadership and aesthetic leadership in recent years, as well as all-round breakthroughs in key technology fields.

Xiaomi has indeed achieved quite good results in AI and large models. Today, Xiaomi’s self-developed large model with 6 billion parameters ranks first in the same parameter level on the C-EVAL authoritative list. The model ranked first; Xiaomi’s self-developed end-side large model has run smoothly on the Snapdragon platform. Currently, the effect of the self-developed end-side large model with 1.3 billion parameters is comparable to the industry’s cloud-based large model with 6 billion parameters in some scenarios.

The end-side large model is also the next point of competition for smartphones in the future. We can see that more and more companies (especially mobile phone companies) are beginning to advertise that their products have been connected to the large model, and Xiaomi’s operation can further promote Relevant development tools and the corresponding ecology also lower the threshold for large models to run on mobile phones in disguise, which can be said to benefit the entire related market.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, software and hardware information technologies such as big data, algorithm models, and AI chips have become an important support for the transformation of traditional industries to digital intelligence, and promote the digital transformation of urban transportation, finance, education, manufacturing and other fields. The application of AI technologies such as unmanned driving, intelligent elderly care, and intelligent manufacturing has penetrated all walks of life, promoting the digital transformation of traditional industries. “With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, will human beings be gradually replaced?” The author believes that this is also a question that many readers have thought about, but in fact, artificial intelligence is still far from our way of thinking. Although their accuracy and speed of thinking are faster than most humans, it is difficult to think independently when encountering some areas that have never been involved, and further guidance from humans is still needed. Therefore, in the author’s opinion, the development of artificial intelligence will not replace human beings, and ordinary people should think about how to get along with artificial intelligence more harmoniously in the future.

Faced with the great changes of the times brought about by a new round of industrial and technological changes, based on thinking about the future, Xiaomi officially announced the upgrade of its technological strategy and announced its own scientific and technological philosophy: choose technological fields that have long-term value for human civilization, and insist on long-term sustainable development. put in. Xiaomi’s scientific and technological exploration must not only be valuable to human life now, but also contribute to the creation, progress and development of human beings in the future. Xiaomi disclosed four key paths and principles for technological strategy upgrades, namely, deep cultivation of underlying technologies, long-term continuous investment, deep integration of software and hardware, and comprehensive AI empowerment.

Xiaomi not only has outstanding performance in the field of artificial intelligence, but also has made many scientific research achievements in smartphones, 5G communications, cloud computing and smart cars. According to relevant data, Xiaomi’s total annual R&D investment in 2023 will exceed 20 billion yuan, and this figure will be increased to 100 billion yuan in the next five years. The high R&D expenses also mean that Xiaomi will enter more R&D fields. Today, Xiaomi has a series of complete product lines in the field of smartphones, and has also launched many disruptive new technologies. In addition, Xiaomi also has important scientific research achievements in the fields of cloud computing, smart home, and smart cars, and has made important contributions to the development of the technology industry.

This “Gathering the Bay Area, Discussing the Future” Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Technology Forum has come to a successful conclusion! Xiaomi has always adhered to the vision and values of “letting everyone enjoy the better life brought by technology”, and at the same time adhered to the iron law of technology, and continued to increase investment in research and development.

Technology should be open, inclusive, and serve people. With the upgrading of Xiaomi’s technology strategy and the in-depth layout in cutting-edge fields such as AI large-scale models and bionic robots, a brand-new Xiaomi is coming with great strides. A brand-new millet, in its prime, firm and fearless, full of hope, is sailing towards the dreamy sea of stars!

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